Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stress Management

Ideally there should be a nation-wide plan implemented for stress management. Firstly, everyone is affected. Pessimism and anxiety are common place and are considered simply realistic. Furthermore, stress travels through every surface available and no one even knows what is transmitted through our bodies from the operations of wireless systems. Electrical activity causes stress on the body, re-wiring our sensitive circuits to the stronger currents passing through - hence the expression wired to the moon. Geopathic stress emits toxic gases to relieve faulting pressure and every stretch of land and city holds heaps of history too, mainly of hardship. All this has always been playing on your fragile nerves. Then you have your own life story to attach the stress too. Its equally valid, full of hardship, responsibility and uncertainty and there you have it. You have made the stress your own. Without realizing it, you own the stress fully and quite quickly it takes shape in your body in the form of high blood pressure, relationships breaking down or something else.

There are two parts to managing stress. One is becoming aware of it in your environment. The more you are conscious of, the less it is wearing you down behind the scenes. You might end up running a mile from some places, looking for new work or spending every weekend by the sea but you will be aware and responding, rather than soldiering on. Secondly, choose not to identify with it or own it. It comes up, its familiar but its not who you are. Its one of many feelings that are around, so only acknowledge it and then put another thought and feeling in place. I have come to say to myself ‘this is not yours or mine, it just is.’ Be determined in moving on and not drenching every cell of your body in the anxiety and adrenalin. There is a part of you that is peaceful and still, return there as often as you remember to.

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