Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To think or feel

We could have anticipated that getting in touch with our feelings was going to be potentially lethal. What’s the point you might ask when we can reason our way in and out of every scenario? The problem is that all our minds and reasoning faculty repeatedly affirms is total separateness - us from everyone and everything else - and that can only create a reality that is a nightmare.

The clearings I did to explore this were first some ones to get back to the self and see if I had any feelings. Not that I doubted it for a minute! I looked at what I was creating. It included being taken completely for granted. Once I cleared that, I spotted that it was just an outside demonstration of how I completely take myself for granted. For example, I expect myself never to go wrong, let anybody down, to be positive, be aware, be compassionate, bounce back from illness, heal any trouble on any scale for anybody and make time to do it.

That made me realize that we put other people or ourselves under great pressure, depending on whether we stay in victim, blame, stress and depression response mode or if we move into self awareness, full responsibility and clearing empowerment mode. Both are a polar axis of each other - one blaming the outside world and others and one blaming one self.

As is the problem with reasoning, both these resulting behaviours and dynamics repeatedly affirm that we are totally separate from each other and doing a good or bad job of hanging in there as an individual dot in a huge landscape. So to re-hinge myself I did a clearing for the old favourite self acceptance, then one to align myself with behaviour that honours the self (this is different from comfort or gratification of cravings as its a deeper reference point you look to that knows what you’re learning and what the highest good and purpose and what not are!) Then, this morning I did an epic clearing to come back to oneness and being a part of everything. Busy schedule you might think but that was just the start...

You will have noticed that the universe is great at creating real life, temporal experiences right away to challenge what you’ve just learnt. Technically we should welcome that as it provides the opportunity for deeper healing and tangible change. What happened for me this time was I went to work and processed a whole lot of very bad feelings for someone who’d felt them for a very long time and I was sick all the way home! So I was shown that there are some feelings I still have physical resistance to. I was also shown that I do not honour myself by relieving endless toxicity from people, especially when I get paid about the amount of the petrol to get there. I had thought it was a calling to a certain extent as I know how to do it. But today I have reassessed this.

So the bad news is if you’d hoped to one day have your house and body cleared by yours truly of its geopathic stress and history of interesting identifications, you have missed your chance. The good news is I probably already have. From now on I will only be teaching how to do it...and that only when I feel like it. I might just write and avoid talking to anybody except loving well adjusted people in clear, warm and already hospitable places! x

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