Saturday, February 27, 2010

National Geopathic Stress and the Weight of History

It has been a dream for some time to clear the energy of the whole country. I get bookings to go and clear houses. It may be a health problem, sleeplessness, bad luck or a frightening feeling or behaviour in children that instigates calling me in. I follow new directions to get there each time but very often find myself only half a mile or so from another place I've worked. Ireland is literally a spider's web of dynamics. There are houses where people have died under mysterious circumstances. Houses where every couple that has lived there has broken up. Then there are famine walls and mass paths carrying memories of hardship. Nearly every family has been touched by love, betrayal, abuse and addiction - in many combinations. The country's history of oppression and resistance holds these weighty attachments in place for generation after generation. Resistance is futile! Because whatever we resist persists. If we dig deeper, the granite and the immense amount of water that washes around, under and over the island, further embed these dynamics. What we have created externally is a recession and a chaotic climate to send us further in to fear and away from change and creativity and transformation. Don't fall for it if possible.

I was asking myself the other day what exactly was I doing, living here so long. I got the answer that it was a karmic journey. Payback time! So I've decided to go on that journey consciously. This July 4th, Independence Day in the States, I'll set off from Kilkenny on Windy and touch on every county. I think between us all we can release the merry go round of unconscious suffering nation wide. Farms and old buildings and grim local history will hopefully be acknowledged and I would welcome the chance in each place to work with other horses and people. Susi Allen - a key person in the conscious community here at this stage - put me up to it! Its her journey for another reason, which is that we will be raising money for the ISPCA animal welfare groups at the same time. She started a dedicated blog for it called Walkabout. I don't want to let her down but it is fantastically funny that she hasn't quite mastered putting 'New Posts' on the blog, only making 'Comments'! Technology is such a learning curve.


  1. Hi Franc

    I have an animal rescue just 10 miles from Kilkenny. The cottage is very old and the ground is very wet. I am sure you would find it interesting.


  2. I think its safer if I just follow your blog! this appliance of science, is far too difficult for me, just give me the horse, and the wide open spaces, and i am happy!