Monday, February 22, 2010

How does Energy Clearing Heal

It occurred to me that I haven't actually said how healing comes about. Even understanding, and occasionally feeling, the deep silence of realizing we are a seamless current in one ocean of energy may not seem to have helped! The rich texture of the individual life has many experiencing more of a whirl pool with the main pull being downward. So, for today at least, I will return to talking about people and not our wonderful unfathomable immersion!

So the situation is that we are made up of energy fields. Some of them are familiar, like mental, emotional and physical but we also relate to others; the spiritual, etheric (an approximately ten metre zone around each of us), giaic (our relationship - current, proposed and ancient - with nature) and of course 'entity attachments'. . . which refer to umpteen attachments we've made down the years to people and thought patterns, which have done us no good what so ever ... except having brought us the dubious pleasure of making us who we are today!!

Most of these energy fields you'll notice are intangible and invisible to our usual senses. But they are important as it is only after memories, shock, earth energies etc have been stuck and unacknowledged in them for ages that problems manifest in the body as pain! Often a deep genetic pattern emerges a generation later or a parents' argument takes shape as arthritis or a bad back shows a karmic burden has become too great and perhaps something should be done.

So that's what we are doing. We contact different energy fields and clear them, unravelling the source and the traces of disturbance in our outlooks. This changes the whole way we receive information. We consciously generate cellular receptor sites for generosity, trust and imagination, replacing old repetitive experiences.

Eventually, we diffuse the whole apparently personal situation. Nothing is personal, it is just happening and sometimes we mistakenly identify with it!! Healing involves stopping that identification with drama and old information and becoming well in every sense. Each person learns the tools for keeping their energy clear and meeting new difficulties with interest rather than fear. The body and mind regenerate and respond creatively to reflect that. Guaranteed!

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