Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Strife separates the elements as Eternity combines them

First we understand that the journey must be back to ourselves. This process starts by noticing objectively our behaviours and feelings. We're delighted to find we can clear our attachment to these patterns and thoughts. We can let go of who we think we are, start to feel lighter hearted and that anything is possible. It occurs to us that maybe we are more than a sum of our parts. Maybe not just a linear life span including some successes and failures, some pain and some joy.

The difficulty we meet is that most fundamental of all we believe we're individuals and therefore small and inevitably powerless and on the receiving end of a looming vast reality unfolding! We spend our time in essentially hopeless mode or fighting mode, what about me? this is so unfair! We're sure that something needs healing, something needs protecting.

If we're lucky, someone, like me! reminds us that we're creating our reality. All of it. If we can come to terms with ourselves, we will stop creating hardship, illness, desperation and destruction. It is our fear and rejection of these elements that hold them in place. We perpetuate them.

Even if we're open enough to try clearing and keep accepting the whole spectrum of our feelings and judge none of it, this will involve a good long look at the self. Sounds lovely perhaps, being in control, being creative, choosing how we spend our time and able to be open hearted and honest but we still rarely identify with these faculties. We find ourselves facing an insecure self. Pause for a moment and ask yourself how you see yourself. It may well be a description full of doubt and distrust or an ego full of righteous indignation, or a sense of being faulty in essence and not fitting in or able for the task in hand.

There is good news though, there is a part of each of us that has been here for thousands of years, understands everything that is going on and is fine about it! In touch with this part is where we should be spending our time. I will relate a meditation next time to connect to it - doable even as you drive along (except for the closing your eyes part-call me health and safety conscious!) - Essentially we have always been here and the story lines of our lives are always on course to remind us of this. We can stay lost in strife but remember to touch down with love and eternity more and more. Feel free to ring if you want to know how old exactly you are but be prepared to accept that we really are slow learners!

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