Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sustainable Living

The Sustainable Degree we hope to offer will teach people to use whatever they have. The photos are by The Hollies, Cork's Environmental College and Thomas Reidmuller who runs it will be teaching the green building module here initially. One of the cob buildings is a green house and one a cottage. Participants will learn methods for using recycled and reclaimed materials. The cottage has a heating system that involves just a tiny fire in a cavity with the heat organically piped around in the seats, all made of cob. In the renewable energy module there will be more understanding again of renewable energies and how to incorporate them in our own homes and businesses. Then there will be the inner sustainability which includes the two modules I will facilitate - Conflict Resolution and Community Leadership. Again, what I want to awaken in people is an understanding that we already have everything we need, physically emotionally and mentally. These are our renewable energies that we must remind ourselves of and tap in to. The study days will be mainly active with an hour or so reflection included over lunch. I hope it will be subsidized so it will be free to people who aren't working. I hope people will let everyone know who might be interested.

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