Friday, February 12, 2010

Time out

The gentle breathing meditation is exactly that. Just breathe in and out through the nose. Before you do, choose your breath. Make it from the top of the Andes or a beach fire in Cornwall, surrounded by the negative ions off the sea. As we're all one, we don't have to inhale the immediate atmosphere. Then feel the the breath on the end of your nose and hold it quietly in your chest for a moment. This miraculously meanders effortlessly down through the emotional heart of feelings and interaction, the clearing heart of acceptance and awareness to the deepest sense of our heartbeat, our ancient self - all knowing all seeing. The whole system relaxes as we identify with this central part of ourselves. Then (if you haven't spontaneously combusted, because that bit is only supposed to take a moment not ten minutes to access) breathe out again feeling the warm air pass the back of your nose. If you are somewhere you can close your eyes, close them slowly. Notice how you'd usually snap them shut rather than intentionally close the lids over the amazing spherical eye ball, consciously turning your attention inwards.

The great Elaine Arthey from Suffolk, England was the one to tell me about and do this meditation with me. Thanks to her for her peaceful resolution of whatever she meets. You're truly part of the solution!

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