Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clearing for the outside world too

I got lost in the outside world for a week or two and went to an exhibition of pictures painted by some children who survived the bombardment of Gaza last year. Two hundred and fifty schools were bombed with white phosphorous bombs, rained over large areas burning everything and everyone. A new technology adding gel to the bombs’ composition meant they stayed alight and burnt people as they tried to run. Fallout also re-ignites which made the place unsafe for days afterwards. There was nowhere else to go though anyway - the whole area is only 7 by 22miles. The second sort of bomb is called genotoxic. Thousands of shafts of toxic metals splinter and stay in the body undetected. They are invisible to the naked eye so cannot be removed. Their toxicity will lead to cancer now and in the next generation. I've been doing some detox clearing from here for those elements and the children's shock, don't forget to join in if you're up for it while you're tuning in anyway.

We all know more about these feelings and earth energies than we even realize. Maybe not from this life time but we can shift this stuff and finally lift the binds of conflict, personal and global, at the same time.

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