Thursday, January 21, 2010

Having Your Home Cleared is an Essential Health Awareness Exercise

Unconsciously we sit in the same chair each evening, possibly bicker around the same table and feel thoroughly unrevived when we wake up in the morning in our bedrooms - even when we’ve given ourselves plenty of hours to sleep. We need to learn to look around and acknowledge our environments; the moods of our children and animals, the stress levels, the creativity. But not only the obvious living beings. Every bit of furniture, the fruit in the bowl and clothes in the drawer transmit information, let alone the building itself.
Geopathic Stress
Every building carries earth stress and transmits many electrical circuits and charge. Earth stress is the release of turbulence from pressure lines in the earth. It is natural and happens everywhere and anywhere, old and even new buildings, from rural areas to built up towns. This release of energy contains heavy metals and other elements, detrimental to the body.
Underground water
Underground streams are often a cause of disturbance. We are constantly exposed and the body struggles to balance, often the result is illness, mental or physical.
Electromagnetic Charge
There are different forms of energy all around that form a barrage on the system. Anything built to today’s standards conducts an extraordinary amount of electro magnetic and microwave energy. This is physically, via wiring and the metal mesh used in foundations. Also, less obviously, our use of wireless communications shows the level of invisible electrical waves being sent and received. Even the use of our commonplace appliances is enough to put the body off an even keel.
Haunting Memories
In addition to earth energies, people and events leave stresses in a building. This can mean visitors and clients to a business, or past inhabitants or memories of conflict in the home. Sometimes this means unconsciously identifying with a problem that a client has left behind. All these factors result in various symptoms - recurring illness, neglect, poor finances. Restoring the balance can be done with space clearing. This involves dowsing to find the areas of turbulence and also fully clearing the adverse effects and the source.
Space Clearing
This system is founded on recognition, acknowledgement and release. Unlike a fear-based approach where a diviner or psychic might come and tell you what to be wary of and what to do, I integrate the energy of the house or business with the people there. No construction or additional purchases need to be made to keep this balance. It turns out that it is no coincidence where we end up living; we chose places unconsciously in order to meet and come to terms with new aspects of ourselves. We are more than capable of resolving even the most disturbed or dilapidated place. Sometimes I work at places in crisis or conflict but the best time to clear your house is to welcome in change: When you are feeling slightly confident and willing to expand your own awareness and power. This is because fearlessness is frame of heart we must get ourselves in. When we are afraid we are in reaction, when we are in clearing mode we are in response.

Space clearing is usually done in a number of sessions. The first one is a half day where major blocks are released or re-routed. The follow up of 2 hours, ensures the correct flow of energy is strongly established. Each session monitors personal shifts due to the new energy flow. I also teach the space clearing here, to go exploring with later as people wish. When I learnt, I went to the Rock of Cashel, Jerpoint Abbey, Newgrange and many churchyards to acknowledge and accustom myself to as many frequencies as possible; ancient places where there had been much strife, spirit, life, death, love and work. I listened to composers and philosophers to absorb the information they bring too. There is no end to the universe even in one’s own front room when we start to look and listen!
Clearing, Drumming Meditation and Lunch this Saturday 23rd January at Noon. Twenty euro

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