Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two questions answered!

What is the reasoning behind offering environmental training alongside the energy work?

While we clear our energy, our intentions gain a focus. For some its music or study or enlightenment, I wonder what other good intentions are out there? For me, at the moment, its love of nature and animals and wanting to engage as many as I can in positive change!

There seems to be a lot of competent people around and out of work. I've been thinking that, rather than money, awareness and confidence are the missing ingredients to this being a really positive time. The training programme would bring a group together to work on mainly practical ancient skills - building shelters and keeping warm! - but with time put aside each day to develop team work, understanding and an awareness of personal response...ability! No doubt we will use the ancient skill of divining here.

I gather that there can't be an end to war, famine or pollution until we learn to take care of each other and animals! Crikey that sounds like a lot to take on but maybe we can do it if we stick together!

Some people have asked who is teaching what!
Tony Dunton is the shaman who does the drumming meditation.
I do the Clearing courses, the Community Leadership and the Conflict Resolution Certificates.
Colm Byrne from Future Proof Kilkenny teaches the Renewable Energy.
Gary Dalton of Eco Works teaches the Green Building module.
Ivan Kelly of Irish Dressage teaches the Animal Care.
Guest lectures and training come from Alan Keiskin on Renewable Energy, Thomas Reidmuller from Kinsale Environmental College on all Certificates.

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