Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Silence and Freedom

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I find myself alone at last. The silence here is complete, even the stream and birds are quiet. Boyfriend is gone and beloved housemates are moving out, moving on, so no one's about to come home. There's no personality or mood or meal to anticipate. There's no sharing of the day, our love of stories labelling the day good or bad, epic or non descript, worthwhile or futile. No one's expected for clearing either, so there's no need to have anything ready or apply myself. The freedom is blissful. I can hardly believe I get to be here. My heart and mind hover over the scene, thankful, loving, giddy with possibility.

I think the key is living on purpose the whole time. This week, that has meant eating only organic food (a self respecting detox that was fairly crucial and I intend to continue, as I spend the rest of my time detoxifying everything else!) I have also bought a Culticave which is a very groovy tent for growing food for our conscious lunches . . . don't forget there is drum meditation, clearing and lunch this saturday 20th March, twelve to three. . . it might be best not to come too hungry to this one as the tent's not arrived yet! Hopefully, as usual, we can be frugal and happy and there'll be enough for everyone.

It might be slightly a pity that St Patrick drove the snakes out as snakes do represent the most ancient wisdom! Luckily, we've found a way to remember everything we need to know!

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