Sunday, July 29, 2012

You are the alpha and omega!

The tenth sublaw to use is that of one mind. To get our individual heads around this, even a little bit, accept first that the smallest common denominator is energy. That goes for everything on earth and in space. The human body is one creation out of that pool of energy but literally everything emerges out of it. This great fluid catalogue of possibilities has, for a long time, been a source of healing. Cranial osteopaths and other energetic medicine practitioners, like myself, can just ask for a realignment of an imbalanced creation - like an injury - and correct it there and then. This is because we are interacting with this fluid field, not the solid, apparently damaged, flesh and bone body. In terms of the law of attraction and our aim to consistently achieve what we set out for, the one mind is even more superb. There is nowhere where there is no energy (even though you might feel low in energy, you actually contain enough energy to light a whole city for a week, you just have to become aware of your participation in this one mind). Furthermore, all energy is equally magnificent as it holds within it every possibility. Where we humans have the advantage is that, we have this awareness and can literally draw forth what we want from this cosmic soup. Nothing is impossible or even difficult. Just look for the need and ask for the inspiration to meet it. It already exists and was just waiting for you to ask. Download whatever you want for yourself and others.

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