Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make some good decisions!

The fifth sublaw is that of 'Decision' Now would be a good moment to make the crucial decision to only focus on solutions. It doesn’t matter if you do not know yet exactly what they are. Keep remembering this decision and do not let yourself drift back into focusing on the problem. A problem has a completely different vibration to its solution. They do not even cohabit the same part of the mind. However closely you look at a difficulty, you will never find the inspiration within it to change it. You will simply expand the problem, by giving it more attention and more of your energy. Worse again, you are putting yourself in the wrong mental state for trouble shooting. You render yourself depressed and powerless, which can only invite more of the same bad buzz. When you decide not to put yourself down anymore and commit yourself to keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities, then they will arrive thick and fast. A practice to develop might be lateral thinking, such as jotting down twenty money making ideas. The first six will be the ones you always come up with, squeezing the next fourteen out will generate much amusement and no doubt some surprising nuggets of possibility.

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