Friday, July 27, 2012

8th Sublaw: Outpicturing...which I suppose is like out-smarting or out-running except with wilder and more vivid visualizations!

You might find that you are the first to visualize the worst case scenario. Many people are even paid to quickly appraise a situation and make a projection of the worst outcomes possible. For example, health and safety professionals, first aiders and even managers in every field are expected to only make cautious estimates. When you understand the universal law of attraction, you realize that what you forecast is exactly what you get. Unfortunately, nearly everyone is forecasting drama and disaster. On a grand scale, people push away sustainability by focusing on the recession. On a personal level, many push away their relationship by forecasting an eventual repeat of past hurts. Once you have a clear mind, you can start to pull out different images to give your attention to. All you need to get started is a handful of magazines...not newspapers!...and cut out every image that appeals in some way. It might be a holiday destination, a smile, a recipe, a boat, a car, a figure, a building, a surfing scene, a party, a phone, an expensive sofa and anything else. Then put them in a box and glance at them from time to time. What you are doing is outpicturing what you see in your life currently and planting seeds of what you would like to see. What you see, touch, smell and everything else now is just what your thoughts created in the past. Expand your ideas for your future and just watch how it all comes along.

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