Saturday, July 21, 2012

The second sublaw - Realization

Having accepted a level of ignorance as to what is actually possible, the second sub law to mastering the law of attraction is that of realization. This year is, for many, a year of realizations. Nearly everyone mentions that things have changed. Maybe saying there aren’t as many customers or they won’t be going on holiday, they’d be glad of a night off at this stage, let alone a night away! Simultaneously, thank God, people have realized that money isn’t the be all and the end all. There are lots of family outings happening, people helping each other out and home improvements going on. The realization that you must work on though is grander than all these. It is; For every desire that exists in the world, there also exists a full realization of that desire. Really let it dawn on you. There is an unlimited number of things and experiences arriving all the time. Everything is possible. So whatever the challenge you’re facing, keep in mind that a totally satisfactory outcome exists. It doesn’t matter if its financial, health related or a problem facing the whole world. Let the realization that there is definitely a solution cheer you up every day.

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