Sunday, July 22, 2012

The third Sublaw is Anticipation - Always expect the best

The third addition to mastering the law of attraction, is the sub law of anticipation. Once you have realized that the world holds many possibilities that would solve everything, you must start to get a spring in your step. This will feel like a new optimistic air of anticipation, replacing the habitual anticipation of impending doom, or things going from bad to worse for example! This is important because you are raising your expectations from that of Eeyore, in Winny The Poo, expecting rain from his own personal rain that of, say, Buzz Light Year of Toy Story, always on his way ‘to infinity and beyond’. Remember that what you think about, comes about, so make sure you’re anticipating breakthroughs and miraculous triumph over adversity. If you do not deliberately raise your energy like this, you will only be attracting more unhealthy situations to deal with. As you wait, with great excitement and curiosity, say to yourself ‘all good things are coming my way’.

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