Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its was supposed to be a secret!

The Sublaw of Secrecy
Some people, like myself, are very keen to share an idea as soon as it comes to them. They feel like they are sharing the enthusiasm and optimism of having found a solution, even if it is still at the concept stage! In fact, you should keep your goals to yourself at first. This serves to preserve the seed of change. Let your own excitement and strategy develop, however minimalist. Make some investigations and paint a picture in your imagination of how you would like things to turn out. That might be a job application or a look at courses or a book under your pillow on how to make flying machines. I was reading the other day that Angelina Jolie not only bought her own plane and learnt how to fly it but also flies it into poverty stricken countries with supplies, herself. I read it on the internet so it is not much of a secret but it has only come to light now, when she’s actually doing it. On a more personal note, I got only one pass in my school exams and was told I had blown it. On the quiet, I did independent exams when I was twenty three and went on to get a 1st in Philosophy from Queens Ujiversity. Picturing myself strolling up to receive my degree and telling no-one built the energy and motivation to succeed. So pay close attention to the seedlings you are growing but keep them close to your chest until they show forth fruit!

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