Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is compassion and is it for me?!

What is compassion one might ask? Is it not just something for Mother Teresa or Florence Nightingale? I met a relation of hers last week! Or is it not just ordinary kindness? Well, that would do nicely...Except, maybe that ordinary kindness is a bit like common sense. Its not that common! I think what I'm asking for are those two things - common sense and ordinary kindness. To get them operative in daily life. So first to use the senses,to really see, hear, touch and feel. Common enough capacities but assumptions get in the way of the sensory information really having an impact on us. We are anaesthetized.

Historically, we've also tried to impose our will on the world, rather than listen to and allow what life has in store for us. When we live in our senses -at least occasionally - we are inclined towards the appropriate response of ordinary kindness. Not resistance, not trying to come up with a different outcome. Who are we to think we can come up with a better master plan than nature? So lets get back in touch with it, stay alert, trusting that what is happening should be happening and ready to respond and take part...It literally can't be any worse than fighting every day for justice or recognition or a few extra euro. Live every moment to the maximum.

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