Wednesday, March 30, 2011

International Ambassador of Good Will

I applied for a scholarship a few years ago that had this title - International Ambassador of Good Will - and always fancied it so I'll just say that's what I'm doing now! I am going to Malta to meditate on peace and see what can be restored energetically. Also, I hear the radiation has already reached Irish and English waters. I guess they're keeping it quiet but I recommend not falling out with anyone unnecessarily and keeping the bigger picture in mind. I also recommend not falling out of a boat now I think of it. Hopefully the oceans are so vast that everything is well diluted and rendered harmless but still! The world is a small place in some ways and I think it needs us in a way. On a personal level, I think its important to spend one's time not worrying or complaining about the small stuff and appreciating everyone and everything that has crossed our paths so far - as part of life's rich tapestry. Globally, I think that the chaotic environmental energy is bringing a lot of fear to people who don't know how to assimilate it. What we can do is remember we actually do have the power to balance everything ourselves. Its not out of our hands. Every drop of positivity and compassion - wherever it be directed - helps.

Also the key is to not judge difficulty and situations too harshly. Keep centred in your abilities and creativity and realize the lessons we're learning. One expression of fear is that people are being triggered back to their past. They are literally regressing to being as powerless as children. Angrily they lick their wounds, many too hurt to give any love to anyone else. So lost that they can spare neither interest, openness, trust, play or friendship. If you get that triggered, remember its the fear that's bandying around the place, its not yours. It might remind you of something that happened in your life but its only a tiny aspect of your spectrum and ...more importantly, a real waste of precious time. The clearing that cracks it starts with the decision to acknowledge your own heart fully. It breaks down mental barriers and the connection creates new energy that can be released into your reality. We need to embrace a new perspective. It is much bigger than the ordinary.

I also read somewhere that anyone who is attached to their physical appearance ensures a lifetime of suffering as they fight the process that started at their conception! So clear for 1. non attachment to appearances and 2. acknowledgement of your heart. 10% at a time works for me and gives plenty of time to notice what you're learning as you go along.

I think its all about participating at the moment in any way we can.

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