Friday, March 11, 2011

Old friends - How it all can work

Some people think I just do some healing modality which has helped or not helped them feel better. I have actually got a complete vision that I hope to manifest. The seeds of this vision were the realizations that:
We create our own reality.
We are awakening a consciousness of what we have created so far.
We can notice this information and learn not to judge it.
This increasing acknowledgement and acceptance of ourselves, others and our life situations dissipates the pain and other tension around events
- past and present, conscious and unconscious, environmental and personal.
As this inner turbulence subsides, the outer reflection of our lives quietens too and a space appears for the conscious creation of reality.
It is a new reality that is intended not inadvertent.

The clearings I've done today to move this forwards were
All resistance to what is.
All tendency to be prescriptive.
Allowing help from happiness and wealth.

I am staying with and helping an older couple at the moment. Therefore, I have also cleared all environmental information here that culminated in a stroke for one and all personal memory that resulted in a heart attack for the other. You might be well to do those clearings for your households too, while we think of it. I am learning about the joy of simply being. Here, they have a life and friendship where there are no longer lofty goals and ambitions, no hoping for a complete change of scene or anything new. They enjoy breakfast, the garden, conversation and looking out for each other.Its quite a refreshing perspective for me who has been fairly driven all my life (driven to sit down and mull it over admittedly but driven all the same!)This is a new level of acceptance. It is also a celebration of one's friends' continued existence full stop. No more expectations or fears just a mood that says 'glad to see you're still here!'

How To Live As One by Frances Micklem - a guide to releasing negativity and from old paradigm thinking to new

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