Thursday, March 24, 2011

I reckon redirect the war funding to help Japan

I hope everyone will find twenty minutes every day to clear for Japan and clear for Libya. Obviously, there's other things going on that are personal and global that might be close to your hearts too, so don't let me hold you back on any topic arising for you!

I heard yesterday that there was still a question mark over whether Gadaffi himself was a legitimate military target. As far as I can ascertain from every dimension, he's the only legitimate target. Every one fighting for him is only doing so because they have been threatened with death if they don't. I would be interested to see how many Irish or English people backed an independent uprising here. Sweet f all I imagine, seeing how closely we adhere to any old laws, down to not parking on a double yellow line. It takes great courage to put one's head above the parapet, so to speak, and a conviction that hardly any one has. So the one's fighting for change are brave and the ones fighting for the regime are scared, neither of those groups are legitimate targets. The two 'supporters of the regime I have heard interviewed said Gadaffi is a bad man, I had no choice but to follow his orders or he would have had me killed. Another one was pictured, about twenty something years old, pretty stressed out looking, unarmed, with a poster of Gadaffi held up in front of him. The paper said it was to show his loyalty but I doubt that very much. He was trying to give a big visual clue as to who he was, to reduce his chances of getting shot at as a suspected opposer.

I also don't know where the funding for the military intervention is coming from. That money should be going to Japan to help if there's enough to bandy around. If those radiations keep radiating, life won't be worth living over there, let alone their homelessness and general vulnerability. Energetically, I think we need to keep our focus on peace and off war. At drumming meditation tomorrow night and over the coming 7 days, we will be holding a space for recovery and restoration. Please tune in if you have a moment. I think there's strength in numbers x

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