Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrating Spring

I would be interested to hear how everyone else is planning to make transformational changes this year? I for one have somehow managed to get my self esteem up to an all time high of 110% if there is such a figure. This has been a huge relief on my whole emotional and physical system to which such affirmation is almost completely brand new!I also find myself enjoying true feelings, true friends and true stories (although I don't feel any need to check them!) Just to know they're there is exciting.

My paintings I think were a wonderfully cheerful and zealous expression of my life path and recaptured the innocence of being a kiddliwink. Please feel free to give me feedback if you see the exhibitions either in Castlecomer Library or Esquires Coffee Shop Kilkenny(You have to give me that I am atleast productive and prolific!) Meanwhile I am writing my novel and that's my creative outlet for the moment.

Joining the two projects together is a box set I was kindly given by my recent B and B guest: Transform your life through handwriting. There is a soul quality to each letter and ways to manifest its intention. There is also a lot of no no s when you look at your own old writing afresh. The one tip to check for is never loop backwards, always forwards. The former says, I half think this but don't mind me. The latter states, I think sunny jim you'll find that this is the case so listen up.

I will let you know as the transformations form. One shift was in regard to caring. It used to be accompanied by the inner conflict that I have to, its my job or calling and I know how to. Then it would swing to I don't have to, resisting caring and feeling dragged, used up and spat out. That polarity has gone now and been replaced with an ease and a willingness and an inner knowing that we're making an epic difference for the good. When I say 'we' I mean everyone who is taking the trouble to wake up, get conscious and get creative and healing with it. Luckily everyone I know at this stage!

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