Friday, April 1, 2011

First Malta Clearing

I have various clearings underway. I am using a slightly expanded team of spiritual aspects, including Quan Yin, who is representing trust in the divine feminine. I am also using an improvised technique - sending my spirit out to do the clearing, rather than inviting the weight of the war and tsunami in to my body. I don't send my spirit very far, just as far as a giant wind chime that's on the roof here. There are the added benefits that it audibly responds when I'm on to something and it is also able to disperse the harmonized energy back to where its needed.

So, when I went in to the war I was able to connect with Obama, Cameron and Gadaffi and introduce the possibility and trust that peaceful resolution is as present as the conflict and for whatever powers, that they individually listen to, to make a way forward clear to them. In Japan,, I felt in to the feelings of the people and especially the women. I noticed that in times of crisis, women become invisible when it is the intuition and support that is needed. I asked nature why it had happened. I got that the death of the coast dwelling japanese had been mercifully quick, rather than facing the karma of the radiation, the rest of us must process.

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