Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The value of a five year plan, even a vague one!

At last I've noticed that I've realized my five year plan. It involved building, setting up and operations for an ethics centre, offering education, healing, accommodation and food. All this has been achieved and much light and lightening of heart has taken place. Two guages - relationship and money - had blinded me to a full appreciation of this multidimensional blessing. I had felt occasional failure and fear in those areas but even they have now changed. My heart is healed. I trust myself. I see and connect with the loveable spirit in others, without exception. I cannot put a put wrong as I am guided and supported by the divine aspects of myself that I seem to be continually in touch with, broadly understood by other people as intuition.

Financially I am also more secure. I am not earning more but I have a network of income that covers food, mortgage, travel and a social life. This change has been gradual. I am surprisingly building tangible and reliable results simply by being true to myself.

My next 5 year plan involves an intention to keep writing and sharing the unfolding of my world vision and the healing that is possible for and happening for everyone. I will eventually encapsulate a programme that is an accessible inviting prospect for men, women, children, animals, homes, businesses and whole countries. Or maybe, instead, some other way to share this gift will present itself. I know that gratitude and generosity are the keys and releasing the inclination to help or try.

The clearings I’ve been doing this week are 1. going with the flow. 2. etheric energy. 3. eyes. 4. simple pleasures of being together 5. tolerant and openminded 6. noticing how my personality affects others...I noticed I mainly cheer people up! Better than wrecking heads, you’ve got to admit! I wonder what effects you would see yourself having on others?

The shamanic meditation was great and I cleared everyone there from attracting endless karmic lessons to attracting only love. Think we might be creating a whole new world! Recommend all those clearings if you have time. I will report back when the next meditation is x

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