Monday, April 4, 2011

Experimenting with Instant Quantum Healing

Practicing quantum healing. Deepak or as we affectionately refer to him, six pack, gave two definitions of it. One is that one mode of consciousness - the mind - spontaneously corrects mistakes made in another mode of consciousness - the body. The second definition is that quantum healing makes peace! This caught my attention. A fragmented consciousness manifests conflict and illness. So I cleared from fragmentation to wholeness for myself and Ollie who I'm staying with. Feel rock solid now.

Then I did Libya and Japan. The current Maltese problem with Libya is that Libyans are doing a runner from there and seeking asylum here. I did what they called a Temple Walk yesterday. An archeologist, historian, lightworker and dowser man led it. We traced the history of some energy points back 50,000 years. Most amazingly, yesterday was the actual day in the calendar of awakening consciousness called the Malta Cross Porto. Like a download from celestial beings aimed here in particular. Perfect timing for me to be here. I also gathered that Malta is the Pancreas and Solar Plexus of the earth energetically. You know how Glastonbury is supposed to be the heart or the head or some other key part of the anatomy/earth chakra key point. Well the role of the pancreas and Malta is to process the negativity of the earth and transmute is back into light. How uncanny is that, that I picked here for the mission? Anyway, it was wonderful to meet at least 30 like minded and energized people and do a meditation in the sun with them all. The only vision I got was a massive bird floating flapping its wings in the middle of our circle. The ceremony was a celebration of the wind and communication. Windy! It made me think of him and thank you for your update Ann Marie. I have spent time with geccos, dogs and cats and saw the chimpanzee again this morning. I have been developing my understanding of humanities relationship with the animal kingdom so hopefully no longer will anyone be able to slow me down by saying I'm sentimental in my affinity with them. Its all key to our accessing new dimensions and any non ordinary reality. So I recommend everyone pauses for thought today and spends some time meeting or communicating with their own power animals. Could be interesting. Also practice connecting with your inner core where memories of health and peace exist. They're deeper than memories of stress and fear that have defined and made up your current body and lifestyle. Happily by making those reconnections we can heal anything and make a completely different future for ourselves.

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