Monday, May 9, 2011

The next step for working with energy

If the clearing has become a way of life, you will already be paying attention to the people and animals and conflicts and opportunities that present themselves - both tangible and etheric. The next step is to embody that clarity. The difference will be apparent in your every movement and action. 99% of the population on planet earth use kidney-generated energy to motivate themselves. The mind says 'come on' or 'better get off now' ... these thoughts race through the body and draw on the kidneys to stimulate a response. Kidney chi is not finite but neither can it be replenished. We have to completely change the way we look at it. Its 'sort of' possible to go on using it, in the same way as its 'sort of' possible to go on relying on our mental energy to organize ourselves and decide what's important. Its one dimensional, unhealthy and frenetic. So, what can be done to bring grace and fluidity to our being in the world? Allow the light of all energy to impulse you instead. The light informs your soul which informs a response - delivered, or rather conveyed in to your 3D experience via your lymphatic system.

Trust me on this. If you know how to clear and set new alignments in motion for yourself and others then its easy but if you don't understand energy clearing you can still move in to this new way of being. The quality you need to establish is gentleness. Breathe gently both in and out, no sudden movements. Even with hard physical work, you can bring smooth, channelled power rather than brute force. The change for the better that accompanies this soul centred movement is manifold. Not least, it creates its own space for you to lead a life based on self-made choices not those imposed or even stimulated by an outside influence.

Do keep clearing the air around you though too. Limiting feelings I've been clearing for all and sundry this week include - being ashamed of your feelings, fear of performing, arts, music and interviews. Also healed for people to gain a real sense of wanting, appreciating and listening to oneself. Its raised some very powerful and deep rooted material as you can imagine.

I also discovered that healing horses is completely different to healing people or environmental energy in one, very important, way: The clearing leaves no residue, no toxicity or fear. They really are the spiritualized nature of mankind. Obviously, I am clearing man-made problems of neglect, cruelty and environmental impacts from their systems but they are clearing other oceans of our beings back to a flat calm at the very same time. So, spend as much time communing with horses as you can and notice what happens.

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  1. I applaud the live rescuing work you are doing , well done keep it up