Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Energy Clearing Events To Make You Smile

Pet Most Like Its Owner:
Your dog represents your emotional life
Your cat represents your mental life
Your horse represents your spiritual life
Your guinea pig represents ... maybe its better not to say!
Bring your pet, large or small, for a joint clearing with you

We’ll clear memories and spirits around you both. Mental, physical, emotional and environmental stresses. Find out your animal spirit guides and how to work with them to reach a harmony and synergy between you.

Couples and Best Friends:
Your partner is your closest mirror of how you are doing in life. They are a great gift.
We’ll clear all stress on your relationship. Old feelings like guilt and anxiety can be a kill joy so we’ll clear those. Current pressures like finances and health can also be a passion killer, so we’ll clear those too! An easy going session of laughter and relaxation.

Shamanic Journeys - 28th May Saturday 12-3 €20 & 10th June Friday 7-10pm €20
A classic shamanic drummer and healer, Tony Dunton, leads a guided meditation followed by a vegan meal (prepared by yours truly!) and an hour of energy clearing. This is official time out for yourself. The meditation gives you quiet time to explore your huge inner landscape and relax. Then the energy clearing and gathering sets you up to make harmonious life changes when you get home.

Accommodation: B & B and vegan evening meal

Space Clearing - Wednesdays €20
Learn how to clear your home of negative energy, both environmental and personal. A day of divining, personal development and renewal.

Personal Clearing - Mondays €20
How to deeply change your life in every area, from love to money. Learning to clear your energy, shifts your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Instead of a repetitive and limited life experience, we start a healing journey where you become someone for whom everything is possible.

Some aspects that open up are: Healing: Clearing suffering for friends and family living or already passed on: Animal communication and healing: Connect with your soul journey and purpose: Give back top the planet/community etc by holding a space for healing major turbulences such as environmental upheaval and man-made conflict: Develop self trust and esteem: Reach your full potential by releasing all fears and self defeating habits: Unlock your creativity, emotional and tangible: Understand and love yourself and others without exception, taking exception or being the exception!

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