Friday, May 20, 2011

Divine Love Visioning Synopsis

Hi, this is just a quick reminder to look at what you're creating! There's four stages to our evolvement, the victim stage where we think things are happening to us and we are in constant reaction. Then there's the manifestation stage where we realize that we can create anything and take responsibility for what's happening and go exploring a bigger multi dimensional reality. Then there's the channel stage where we allow the bigger picture to speak through us, usually through our words, our music, our art and every other gift we're lucky enough to have a chance to cultivate. This is a great confidence building stage as we realize its not us as individuals trying to think big, its our ultimate potential and job to shine as much light on the world as possible. Then finally there is being love, where we have got our personalities completely out of the way and we are bringing and expressing a synergy and balance by literally our presence! So today, maybe say no to drama and yes to love, notice where you are in the four stages and move up a gear. Why not!

If you don't feel like doing this, maybe start dancing instead...equally uplifting and illuminating. What on earth else would we want to be doing.

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  1. love this, great to see you the other day in such unexpected surroundings stay having fun xx Friederike