Monday, January 6, 2020

Should we try to live up to our pets' expectations?

Lucretius and Cupid and every one of the pigs and piglets get so excited when I walk out the door, I worry if what I'm planning is going to live up to their expectations!! 

Sometimes, I don't plan to play stick 

or fill the pig platters.

 Like today I was dragging the orange trees inside as they were going mouldy. I hadn't been able to decide whether to call my new bit the avocado gallery or the orangeries but now I've had to assign areas for both! 

Yesterday, I was merely getting soil as a medium for 30 sweet chestnuts that I hope to propagate.

 I don't like to be a disappointment and I know I'm only here for their entertainment and 24hour care and admiration 

but I have things to do too!!

So many things; save the bees, re-wild the garden, feed the birds, string up the beans, write a climate adaptation strategy, plan piano lessons, bring 3 tonnes of wood inside, write thank you letters, get the foster dog Lucretius right in the head...write my gratitude list and include that I'm still right in the head myself and mention the so many other brilliant gifts in each day ... and come to terms with the pains in the arse, when there are some!

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