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Attack on Cupid, 3rd 4th and 5th dimensional take on it!

31st December 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Well wishes and love for Cupid please...nearly had his head ripped off at his own gate. Been in surgery for the last two hours and his jugular vein is no longer exposed and regaining consciousness. What an ordeal but the people of Bagenalstown were sound as you like!

1st January 2020

Happy New Year's Day! Update on Cupid as he got us all worrying: He is still with us thank God!!! That attack made his blood run cold and so he is under 3 light blankets, motionless but breathing. The wound itself would make you gulp. He will only lick water off my fingers and not drink or eat anything from a bowl. Probably his swallow is horribly uncomfortable too. Pain and shock are factors in his existence at the moment but he has his own space. All beings tremble before violence, Gandhi said. When I asked how Cupid was, he started singing in very similar to Eddie's dulcet tones that resonate in every chakra: 

Previous paragraphs were about the third dimension

 For those interested in the energetic insights - 4D Karma/ Intuition, 5D unconditional love, 6D proportionality, gleaned from experience, poor little Cupid was the fall guy for 6 major ones. Bear in mind that from an energetic perspective, we create our own reality – what we think about comes about. From this perspective, we are all one and all connected. From here, dogs represent our emotional life, horses our spiritual life, cats our mental life and guinea pigs our sex life…and don’t worry…many people don’t have one!!!
1) Cupid, like myself, didn’t really believe that anyone would really have it in for him. But now we've both realised it's a dog eat dog world out there!!! Beware of and avoid the blood suckers is the essence of discernment in whatever shape or form they approach!
2) To keep joining in, in good faith with optimism and enthusiasm is tantamount to having an exposed jugular vein. Very vulnerable indeed! Because? Everyone knows what you care about and everyone thinks you’re naïve.
3) Oh yes, my big dog, Lucretius, who was also there at the attack…wagging his tail rapidly, nervously, still too self absorbed to realize that his main friend, in the whole world was in mortal danger. This is like friends and family in the past who are/appear to be at least, big enough to help but are too worried for themselves to get involved or think of protecting anyone else.
4) Life, in this day and age is structured to keep you busy, ricocheting from one priority to another: For me it was my brother, then the pigs in the hands of a convicted monster, then my own back giving way and isolation, then Lucretius – beloved golden boy who is very scarred (as well as starved) by abuse in his past. Now, though, I for one am determined to reconcile all aspects of life into one productive, not too intense flow. No more rushing to help one then another.
5) Finally, the fifth insight came this morning. I thought I’d better write an update…and I couldn’t get on line. DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!! They want you to be frustrated by 3 and 4 G today so they can roll out the 5G killer frequency and you might think it’s a good thing. Let’s all calm down, turn the phones off, read a book and cuddle a disturbed or injured or perfectly healthy and responsive companion!
6) Oh yes, how did I contribute to bringing this horrible experience on? I always keep myself clear, even after working with people and places that are in serious trouble with illness, violence and earth energies….BUT! I have ‘resonated’ with so many troubled and dark situations now (that people are shedding happily, as I clear them) that I have spent too much time and energy there. Also, with the animals rights problems. Too long thinking about badness – of which there is always more than enough – and that means I set someone up for something. Thankfully Cupid is through the worst and I was able to bring his soul back, that left and to see his eyes so dull was desperate to see.
Keep safe and happy, everyone, in 2020 and mind your thoughts too. Thing good ones, creative and epic ones only! Cupid now means to rise up and find his direction magnetically!


Francess K-d Hi Frances, I've just sent you a pm outlining concerns about how the following way of viewing life can lead to victim blaming in society. Nobody brings violence upon themselves....😥😿😥
Some sentences taken from your article:- 
""Bear in mind that from a
n energetic perspective, we create our own reality – what we think about comes about. Oh yes, how did I contribute to bringing this horrible experience on? I have ‘resonated’ with so many troubled and dark situations now that I have spent too much time and energy there. Mind your thoughts too. Think good ones.""

My understanding is diametrically opposed to blame, it is about personal responsibility. The only empowering way forwards as it means we can always look for our part in situations and only that way not recreate them. And, not be a victim of them.

Dee Sewell Am guessing yo was your neighbouring animals again? So sorry to hear about his attack again ðŸ˜ª hope he gets better soon x

Frances Micklem Thanks yes but they totally took it on this time which was good - in terms of paying for the operation, checking and mending their fence, checking in on Cupid. It really cheered Cupid up actually, the visit. He moved for the first time all day and came out to stand around. It was like he felt there was acknowledgement that his situation was being taken seriously and also - as you know - he's a die hard optimist and was determined to make friends and build bridges!!! Happy New Year to you and yours. I can't wait to see more of your landscape designs, they're such beautiful creations .... and I'll totally help when you start work on your garden design. My back is so much better. I could do at least 20 minutes without mishap! xxx

Dee Sewell Frances I'm so glad to hear that. I didnt want to jump to conclusions but pleased they're finally taking steps to address the situation. Thanks for your offer ðŸ˜Š not sure my back is up to it yet lol but will keep you posted! Xx

Margaret Denmead Delighted to hear that he is still here Frances. Give him a soft hug for me

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