Sunday, January 12, 2020

Climate Change and The Green Party

I'm getting excited about the Green Party. I am attending my first meeting on Tuesday in the Lord Bagenal if anyone else wants to come?! While Fiann Gael use delay tactics and topics like Property Tax (just like the Conservatives in the UK used Brexit) the rest of us are like wtf, what about our sustainability as a species? What's our plan to seize this chance to stop destroying, clean up and preserve our water, air, agriculture, food, health? How will we make sure the homeless get into houses. How will we make provision for the climate refugees that will need to come. Do you really think you should be bickering about wanting the right to fleece us for more property tax? Have they not noticed the white elephant in the room? And while we're on metaphors...could the Green Party be the Trojan Horse we need to get in to the halls of power and do what needs to be done to deal with the emergency.
This is what I think needs to be done.100 measures for a climate change adaptation strategy - all stake holders considered I know, I'm a jack of all trades but I'm not master of none! i may not be reliable at finding gold or even my own way around Dublin but the dowsing did bring me to a Climate Adaptation Strategy. Maybe plucked from universal consciousness but also founded in experience and addressing the majority of stake holders: Government, councils, companies, farmers and individuals. And it was delivered to my hand in exactly 100 actions we need to take. It's a 10,500 word document though so don't start it without a pot of tea and picnic ready!
I worked on this before but now I have distilled it into 3 fast moves...and that might be all we have time for! I'l have to write a new article with just those 3 sentences in them but first I had to get it all down!!

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