Saturday, January 9, 2016

What can we do about the fact that for everything we need to happen, the very opposite is happening!

In this New Directions podcast, the analogy between living at this time and enduring a bad marriage is explored with humour and considerable insight as to what is going on in terms of the Trans Atlantic Trade Parnership deal and how it will negatively impact justice for the individual, society and the planet. The courts will rule not based on a common good but on to what extent profits might be effected for the claiming corporation. This means that the origin of meat will no longer be mentioned, so that factory farming complete inhumanity cannot be spotted from the label and that rejected chemicals can be forced on to the market, in the name of free trade. The discussion goes further in order to help people to navigate through this wildly distorted reality, not using individual fights with particular parts of the system or specific offending institutions but through gratitude for the freedoms we individually have. For example the ability to communicate and the greatest activist power, retracting your investments small and large from toxic producers. This means looking for the leaping bunny symbol that confirms that what you buy has not been tested on animals. It means, looking for vinegar-based organic weedkillers that do no long term harm. Refusing the epic rows of vegetables that have been sprayed over 10 times in their short growing life with glysophate - the main ingredient in round up. Glysophate is not only found carcinogenic but it is also cumulative - that means that what you ate 10 years ago, glysophate-wise is still in your body building up to a very serious illness. So that brings up meat as well. Don't go out to eat at fast food joints and restaurants, unless they state that they are committed to compassionately farmed (are those two words mutually exclusive?) animal products. Don't for a moment assume they are if they don't say so.

So I don't think any of that was covered in the show but just bringing to life the way people can move forwards even when they wake up to horrible aspects of the food, pharmaceutical, education systems foisted on humanity. Unexpectedly, the answer if keep noticing and being glad of the companies that bother to produce what you need ethically. They say that what you are grateful for and pay attention to expands, so that goes for making good companies and products successful….surely! Only buy them!


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