Monday, January 18, 2016

A Whole Food Plant-based Diet is easier to Digest Physically, Emotionally and Karmically

Health equals positive attention to detail

Do you know how to treat yourself? Its not a coincidence that I'm so healthy. I just don't kid myself any more. On the left is a sprayed and chemically-wax coated apple and on the right is an organic apple. What you might call a matt version. Not so glossy but all the goodness Nature intended. If you already have some glossy apples PEEL THEM and if you have to take them as a pack lunch, wash them in a mild astringent like vinegar to get the wax off. Unless it says organic, every thing is sprayed and those chemicals never leave the body.

Smoothies and Soups can include what you need to boost, absorb and detox 

Another handy tip is to adopt a whole foods plant based diet. Like my breakfast consisted of a smoothie with organic banana, apple, chia seed, mango and pineapple mix, spirulina, acidophilus (good bacteria to combat yeast and sugars in the digestive system), herb robert (to help with boundaries and protect from others' germs and difficult energies) and a couple of drops of vegan Vitamin D orange oil. Grainne Thompson in her Wexford-based Integrated Energy Therapy clinic will confirm that this smoothie is delicious. And she's another person to follow with her energy work and clarity. Her whole family, as we speak, are on a raw fruit juice detox and soup nourishment evening-times.

Plant-based Organic Food is easier to Digest, Physically, Emotionally and Karmically  

Have fun with it, experiment. Get a few ingredients in and always, even if its smaller amounts, get organic cruelty free food. It is much easier to digest! The optimum is that we get a new government in who will support small organic food producers, recover our food security, health and independence. They will also retract all subsidies from animal agriculture farms and direct the same money towards their transition to using their land for organic crops. With the election coming, now's the time to decide what you want, vote for it and make it happen on a grand scale…as opposed to just focusing on what we don't want, which we're quite clear on these days!! We have our own amazing organic apple farm here in Kilkenny too, the Highbank Orchards on the Callan Road if you're looking. They make interesting and delicious organic booze too!

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