Friday, January 29, 2016

Government word to Courts: Please enforce evictions of families JUST AFTER elections, not right now!

Evictions Task Force Facebook Page

Evictions on hold but only until after election!

Does everyone know that the government told the carlow courts today to put off about 45 evictions until after the election?! Then as soon as Fianna Gail/Fail are in again? Out those families are going on their ears.

Pay Your Mortgage but That Will Exclude You Specifically From Ownership in Future!

Even after years of paying a mortgage. And do you know who can snap up those properties for next to nothing? Houses mortgaged at 300,000 being sold off for €25,000? ANYBODY! Anybody at all, from anywhere EXCEPT somebody from Ireland. A whole estate in Waterford went to an american investor at 25 a house. I know of at least 15 properties picked up by an unscrupulous Chinese man. I kid you not.

NAMA, The Government, Legislation & The Courts All One Happy Party: Home Owners Not Invited

The original mortgage payers are not given an option and nor is anyone else from Ireland. I believe NAMA has made it somehow illegal. So what does this new page 'Anti-Eviction Taskforce' need?! 1. A few foreign nationals on side to buy some of these homes back for the evicted families 2. For everyone to not vote the same politicians back in. They gave senior NAMA officials millions in recent months, to stick around and finish evicting everyone from their homes and selling the houses abroad. If they had any regard for the people at all, that money could have squared up masses of arrears for people on the brink.

Anti-Eviction Taskforce

Please like the page and VOTE instead for an independent and responsible adult. Councillor Malcolm Noonan for Carlow Kilkenny comes to mind. I can pretty much guarantee there'd be no evictions on his watch. I would very much like to know who are the good Independent councillors of sound mind in each County so let me know if you know. Thank you.

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