Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Virtual Adoption Centre Kilkenny

Real Pound Dogs

Virtual Adoption Centre 

but tangibly here in Kilkenny City!  

What a great day it was yesterday! Got a Virtual Adoption Centre going with Petmania in Kilkenny! This is like an active notice board containing shelter contact details, web address to look at all the dogs that are under pressure in the pound and space for regular photos of a few that are urgent with their 5 days up and the pound over capacity.

To Adopt A Dog, bring a dog license

Just go to a post office, buy a license for €20. It will ask which breed and just say mid-sized, mixed breed. The pound will only let you take a dog if you have a license! I don't want people going out there and being sent away to do this and that and sometimes not coming back. I would like every visit to the pound end in a dog re-homed! Also bring money. It is, I think, €40 to buy a dog but all that money goes towards the care and extended time the next dogs might get in the pound, waiting for their forever home. They would also be glad of foster homes for some so any offers much appreciated. 

Adoption Centre Initiative

This poster is up in Petmania and Eurofarm and both lots of staff are up to speed on the where, how are why to adopt a dog! What this means is that anyone who re-homes rather than buys - be it from the Carlow Kilkenny Dog Pound or PAWS or anywhere in fact, can get the adoption kit, which includes all the things you need to start out, some free and some at a major discount. Big thanks to my friend who cannot be mentioned (in case he gets offered a poster-making contract and has to work every day!) for the poster which I laminated. If you're worried about a particular dog, feel free to print out a picture and drop it into them. Lets bring these dogs into town (even just virtually), where there are people who would dearly like to meet them! 
Up until now they have been tucked in here behind the building, 10 miles out of town!

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