Friday, February 28, 2014

Harmony Hall Energy Work

The idea I'm working with today is:
Everything that bothers you deeply is really a clue. It makes itself known and points the way.

In the good old days, I would see a butterfly land on a flower and think aha, I should take that path, its a sign! Like Winnie the Pooh, always watching for a movement in the forest around him, he would always say to Tigger something like 'Ah yes, your new den faces South, that is very auspicious -lucky!

Today we are not looking for outer signs though. We are noticing inner signs. Also we're not to make choices by rejecting one uninviting path and trying another! We are to realize that each new uncomfortable awareness is actually showing us a part of ourselves that we still mistake as separate. As we will discuss in the show tomorrow, we are not all one in the sense of all being connected by an invisible thread, we are literally all that there is. The great gift is that that means, if we can come to terms with and accept the energies behind our outrage, deepest pains and thoughts, we will no longer be perpetuating them in our experience. Even in the world.

I'd grasped it before, to a certain extent. I'd spotted that I might be a bit of a liability because I feel strongly about many things. I understood that that was giving those matters - like cruelty or negativity - extra energy! But the idea that we are just being shown what parts of the energetic spectrum we still think are outside us, is very interesting. We can look at it without getting caught up.

I have cleared for open minds for all of us! As a 'walk through' example of how to recognize this dynamic in your life, I did the following clearing.
Personality…I follow my intuition, always. However, it 'bugs' me that this is seen as luck rather than hard work. I am drawing on several other ways of knowing (I gather that the ancient Egyptians had 360 and the aborigines have thirty something) that I have cultivated, using a lot of perseverance, trial and spiritual exploration. I have expanded my consciousness. It bugs me that everything that is not refutable (debatable with logic) or empirically provable (made of solid matter) is dismissed by the wider community.

Hang on, I AM the 'wider community' too. I am not an individual standing for a truth in the face of opposition from a big group. That is an old piece of illusion. So I am not a minority. So I cannot be victimized and my vision ignored. To keep confronting the difficult parts of the illusion, like bad political decisions and unfair treatment of people and animals, is to keep the illusion alive. To get angry and demonstrate is to invest more energy in the dark side again. Your own dark side too. You immerse yourself in heavy energy, angry, worried and small! As they say, "resistance is futile" and "What you resist, persists!" But see how giant we've realized we are as well. We are IN all things. We can wield a gigantic amount of influence from this position as well.

So I ask the universe if I can fully acknowledge the deepest pain that the situation brings up in me. Sit there, feeling it and then decide to release it from your body. You will no longer hold on to that frequency so strongly. Without it simmering away, magnetizing event after event to fuel the fire inside you, you will have transferred your participation into a conscious one. You will literally be creating less  painful happenings in the world. With enough of us at it, so to speak!, we can bring the whole world back into balance; non GM food on every table, someone to love every living being, free energy, peace on earth.

That is what this evolution of consciousness is really all about. We are being forced to become socially aware and personally aware of all the divisiveness we think there is. We have been thinking wrong! We  are not separate and we can now systematically dismantle the last mega strong-holds of polarized conditioning and make ourselves free to do the epic interventions we need to do. You are more than enough for the task in hand!

Here is the link to my radio show Healing From Harmony Hall - that goes out tomorrow (but will be there as an archive after tomorrow as well!) Freya Lawton joins me for our second conversation on consciousness and she sparked the clarity of this post, so distance healing will no doubt be broadcasting out to all who listen too.

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