Tuesday, March 4, 2014

European Parliament's plan for the Environment and what we can do!

"The world's resources are being exploited as if they were inexhaustible, which has led to increasingly frequent natural and environmental disasters". 

I came across a European Parliamentary report on the Environment and what to do about it, including this statement above, plus about 120 other matters for concern. I had wondered how a handful of people get their heads around such a multitude of social and environmental issues. I realized that politicians don't actually hold everything in their hands, they have about six or seven priorities each and say the rest is beyond their control. 

When I went to both Kilkenny and Carlow council offices with concerns about the Eirgrid 400kV cable racing unchecked and rough shod over the country, the local councillors that were gathering there to discuss it (and eventually decide it) only knew a tiny fraction of the story. They didn't know about the export, the transport, the cost, the health risks, the level of continued exposure to electrical and magnetic fields, the differences between the two, the visual impact, the scale, the options. The idea of disputing the whole project and stopping it had not even occurred to any one of them. And these were all councillors who wanted to do the right thing and act on behalf of the people who voted them in. 

I have since realized that governing needs a woman's touch! Not a woman who is immersed in the strongest masculine energy she can muster - which creates the politicians like Margaret Thatcher, women operating within rigid parameters of fact, absence of compassion, corruptibility and dominance. We need the highly energized and cooperative will and ability to address everything - the reality facing each one of us and around the whole world. This is made possible by coming to understand that we are able to participate in all of it. We must put aside compartmentalizing and boxes and the ability to 'park' problems and get on with ordinary life. 

The process can be started very simply by taking a moment to say 'This is probably not even true'. Your idea of your life as 'ordinary', for example, is not even true. It is clouded with illusions of inferiority and separation. The idea of lacking power or resources also show us more illusions of separation we hold in our unconscious. Through consciously dispelling these illusions as they arise, we connect in again with a magnitude much more fitting for the task in hand - putting the world to rights! This expansion of consciousness is not limited to women, it can just be understood as a feminine dynamic. To this end, I am going to intuit a response to each of the minutes of the following report and send it to the european commission of the environment. You might notice that the report is several years old…and not one of the problems has been resolved using the old paradeigm. I think we're all ready for a new perspective!   


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