Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Eirgrid Meeting-Lets get the democratic process of voting for or against happening!

Well we went for our date night but the atmosphere was pretty dense. The first speaker up was a doctor and researcher of electro magnetic fields and their relation to child leukemia. He said electrical fields go around us and magnetic fields go through us but neither were really anything to worry about as its only a low emission. He said we're much more likely to get killed on the road. It sounded a bit absurd. Then he said even Chernobyl didn't kill that many people and none in Ireland.

If any of you have ever had a general anaesthetic or a drink spiked at a bar, it was the same feeling. I was struggling for consciousness, trying to think and make sense of what was being said, wanting to respond but intense tiredness and confusion taking over as I slipped away into a troubled catatonic daze. He took questions afterwards and another doctor got an agreement out of him that Eirgrid had lied when they said they 'know' there's no risk. He also agreed that more research should be done. Another man raised the problem of drone fields. As we know, if all the bees die, we will soon follow and these cables will disrupt our remaining bees without a shadow of a doubt. Then I got up, praying for clarity and it came, thank God, as it always does.

I disputed the speaker's last sentence: 'If we wait for certainty, we will never take action.' I pointed out that in medicine, the intention is to find cures and that timely action would certainly make a difference. Whereas with the pylons, the intention is to just make money. There is no one behind the plan with any other agenda and with any human interest at all. Having borrowed from the banks and got the tax payer to pay it back, they are now borrowing from Europe and want us to pay it back. I said, lets not take action yet. Lets wait until we have the cable free technology ready and the state of the art renewable energy and bring that into production. I made the usual points about it not being infrastructure but for export. I said we don't want to borrow the money, we have electricity and we don't want pylons.  

Secondly, I disputed his suggestion that people should not get bitter, we must communicate our concerns and have them put to rest! I agreed that bitterness after the event doesn't help but that there is no communication possible. The whole process has been completely one sided. There are thousands and thousands of objections lodged with Eirgrid. None of them will reach the planning board when they put in their application. If we want to object again, it will cost the individual 50 euro each time.

Thirdly, I asked about the health risks of water pollution. If each pylon has to be given a foundation of at least 40 metres, that's deeper than many wells. People have been refused licenses to dig a well as they may contaminate the next household's well down the line. This is another massive environmental impact with health implications surely. Furthermore, not being allowed to dig your own well, like not being allowed to erect one's own small windmill, smacks of people being made more and more dependent on  national schemes that can be metered and monopolized.

He didn't say one word to any of these concerns.

The last man to ask a question mentioned a heap of scientists and papers, all of which had been hushed up, that all confirmed a great health risk. He tactfully called the speaker's presentation 'extremely conservative!'

I felt glad I had said something. One person thought the concerns and objections were good and clear but surely no one can do anything now the 300 billion has been accepted. Someone said I maybe should not have said I do energy healing (and that several clients; electricians and bankers working in the central computers office had suffered for years with chronic exhaustion and other symptoms, as a result of electric magnetic stress exposure). But I'm happy that I presented myself as a lay man with unarguable and legitimate points raised. I didn't give away that my mother's a retired nurse and my father a retired high court judge and that very soon, if the government doesn't remember that this is a DEMOCRACY and they must let the people vote on whether they want the Eirgrid project, the loan, fracking, speed fattening of animals and the management of illness via antibiotics, genetically modified foods, chemical spraying, laws against ruining the environment, laws to protect animals and other vulnerable groups…So, yes, we still have a democratic process that we can use to create a different future for Ireland and if this process is not played out with votes and changes and much hope and happiness all round, I intend to take the lot to the cleaners for crimes against humanity … and am fully equipped to do so!

Phil Prendergast who called the meeting is a Social Democrat but I gather that that perspective is very close to communist - like China, Russia and North Korea …and we all know a bit about what human rights problems they have in those countries. I'm sticking with the words on face value though 'social' and 'democrat'.  She was well informed and against the pylons and I think needs to be voted in to Europe to do something about it. But I'm afraid I couldn't stick around to hear all the other speakers, so I don't know what the 'realistic alternatives' are, that she was going to explore. I did notice on the doctor's chart though that the magnetic fields around underground cables are equal to those going over head. The earth doesn't shield that much, which people might have been hoping it would!

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