Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter to - re: Eirgrid. Please write too or cut and paste something of mine, if its easier!

She wrote that this friday's conference in the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny from 7-10pm will 'feature a number of distinguished speakers…please rsvp'
I wrote: 
'Dear Phil,
I have a difficulty with your description 'distinguished speakers' as the only people who believe Eirgrid's project is worth doing at all are all financially benefiting from it. The only thing that would distinguish a speaker is if they pointed out that this is not an infrastructure development but a big business plan to export electricity. Eirgrid are 100% unfit to manage such a project and they have been specifically chosen, no doubt, as porns in a larger game. 15,000 euro was spent in the bar at the Daal, the night the plan was agreed. A lot of drunk men making bad decisions. A further few coerced politicians, including a green party politician signed the loan agreement for  300 billion at Dublin Castle. It maybe that they are being paid off or it maybe that the powers that be have some damning information on them to manipulate with. Either way, the Irish people from one end to the other, know there is no need for the cable, know that it is an act of vandalism against the whole country that relies on tourism, knows that the 400kV cable brings an increase in cancer and knows that there is pure corruption behind the process as there has been no transparency about where the routes are planned. Even this upcoming meeting was brought to my attention by someone in the West, not the South East where its taking place. This goes against European law that people must be informed. It is absurd that people need planning permission to erect a 1KW windmill at their own home and yet these vast monstrosities (45 metre + high pylons) are planned across every skyline. Please visit Waterford City where it has already unfolded without planning permission, right over looking the bridge and a primary school. The corruption was almost complete when the head of the planning office An Bord Pleanola moved to Eirgrid at the end of last year, in a management role. 7 years of planning and nobody thought of laying the cable near the motorway, that is just finished. There has been a farce process where people were invited to bring their concerns to Eirgrid via post and email. Then the deadline was extended to include Christmas where everyone would lose interest and now culminates in this meeting, to be held on Valentine's Day from 7-10pm! Who is really going to want to be there? The Eirgrid feedback process has been despicable as it has been invited in such a way as the public might be invited to object a planning application but, in this instance, the planning office will never need to be told of the millions of strong objections made by individuals and groups . They only went to Eirgrid's inbox. When we contacted the planning office they said we haven't received a planning application yet, when we do, anyone can object as long as its with the accompanying fee of €50. Suffice to say that means that all the objections were for nothing. For a real overview of public feeling about the plan, please have a quick look at Care For Clara and Save Our Heartland on Facebook. 

We, the people of Ireland, without exception, are against the cable on visual grounds, health concerns, environmental damage, cost etc. We do not agree to accepting the loan in the first place. We don't agree to paying it back. We don't agree to paying extra back to have the cable laid underground. We don't agree to the pylons, we don't agree to the cable full stop. We don't agree that its infrastructure, we don't agree that its necessary. 

We are grateful that you as a representative of Ireland from the European parliament are coming. It is a  relief that Europe is getting involved. However, we ask that you look into free energy technology that has been around a long time that requires no cables, before you give approval for country after country to be ruined in this way. 

Without any agreement for this stage lot of construction, Eirgrid also have plans for more. Previously unmentioned  conventional generation stations (non renewable source power stations) are planned and another string of pylons. Don't threaten us with higher bills and an only fractionally better option - underground cables. Stop the project. We're happy with the electricity we have and lets think again when we have perfected low profile renewable sources (not the 10 years out of date wind turbines we were given when there's perfectly good new designs that lie flat to the ground) and not fracking. It is unacceptable that 10,000 litres of water per well are polluted, there are 6 wells per fracking pad and there is a 6-well pad every 2km ad infinitum. You must recognize some grand agenda to kill us all off stone dead, first by demoralizing us with further debts in a recession and then by creeping non specific illnesses, that can't quite be accountable as caused by electro magnetic stress or water and air pollution. 

Please address the points raised above, if you can on Friday.   
 Best regards, Frances'

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