Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The joy of being consistent - Intuitive holistic living

Life has become a whole lot simpler. All it took was a commitment to listen and act on my little spark of divinity / intuition consistently. A whole heap of sparks have activated, a veritable bonfire seems to be ready to ignite and apply itself to any choice apparently major or minor. I l get a clear unequivocal transmission every time and act accordingly. Even the healing is now a team sport. God knows who's involved but its working. Really working, every time, in every context, for everyone, near and far.

One might be initially nervous that one's inner wisdom might not be aware of and taking into consideration things like the bills and one's other responsibilities. That is why I'm prepared to do this controlled experiment. I will not argue the toss or think I know better or reason my way to any new conclusion for four weeks and just see if everything is taken care of. I have it on quite an authority that it will be. I at last know what it means to 'get out of the way'

Life has changed beyond recognition, complete relaxation, half the rushing around, zero uncertainty! Trust is an experience I really hope you will all try.

The next drumming circle is the evening of the 15th October 7.30pm at Harmony Hall. Healing all round and food of course.

(I just put Susi at Newgrange up at the top for inspiration!)

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