Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life as Guided versus Misguided!

Create a life of wonder and vision, heal every one you know of lifelong illness and other problems.
Develop your system for instantaneous communication with your inner wisdom.
Create vast amounts of money in very short periods of time.
Increase the love in your life by 1000%, construct a new modus operandi for life.
Create a legacy for generations.
Un-captivate your heart and soul and drastically change your life. I assure you there will be nothing drastic about it.

Break through healing evening 15th October.
Personal Healing happening all the time €60
Home healing available €120
- the car above will be the car I'll be arriving in, if I'm not mistaken. How enjoyable is that?
Animal healing discount available for the next couple of months. €20 per session.
Courses starting in Clearing and Animal Communication. Ivan Kelly and I are going to do them.
Talking of whom, can someone please raise 30K so he can keep Rex.

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