Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inner team and outcome

At last the new motor has arrived, what else would you want to be driving?

Aspects of the self that its about getting up and running too:
One of my inner team is Nike. She flies a little like superman except with an arm up - hence the tick shape of the Nike symbol. She was a goddess of something in the past, victory maybe or games, I'm not sure. Her input has led me to a new core class on tuesday nights in Kilkenny. Its both peaceful and painful and totally the way forward. Then there's the paliaedies - or however that constellation is spelt. That group of stars emanate a 5th dimensional understanding, showing things in the light of acceptance, unconditional love and is generally in the clearing mode all the time. This has led me to return to stillness within seconds of an interruption or worrisome thought. On thursday nights I have been going to Cahir for a meditation that sometimes involves a channelled intergalactic upload from them. Bring it on! My own thought control is being helped by the Christian trio; God, Mary and Jesus (and the donkey - Susi's determined one's team should include the donkey as the unsung hero) and they are all guiding me to replace every wired occurrence and thought with one of self trust. Emotions are choices, they mention to me from time to time, and could I take a lead in emanating happiness and self assuredness instead? No more allowing old favourites airtime, like have I messed up here or should I try harder. Both red herrings. Then of course there's the angels everyone's talking about. I have only recently incorporated Fhelyai, angel of animals. Seems to be wielding a bit of power already.

One of the occupational hazards of invoking and activating countless powerful aspects of oneself is that the first thing you create is your own worst nightmares. For me it was poltergeist activity, a flood, a swarm of flies and a trapped unspecified creature in the gutter all at Harmony Hall. What inner guidance actually does is create opportunities to show you and heal the invisible ceilings and parameters we've operated within to date - usually fear related. Their job isn't to protect from some external world and create a padded cell for ourselves but more to expand us beyond what we know so far. Everything was resolved by acknowledging and clearing energetically, what had showed up.

Sirius is another constellation that is also involved. That lot emanate 6D understandings of the structure of reality. They have led me to study further the tetra hydral arrangement of the heart muscles and their limitless ability to hold millions of frequencies and bits of information, way better than the mind. They have also led me to spend most of the last three weeks in creative endeavours. Several paintings and countless pendulums and a few clay sculptures that a friend has fired for me (Susan Boland delux pottery, Castlecomer Estate Yard. I've made everything with sacred geometry, the 1.618 golden mean ratio. Everyone who's seen them seems to love my perspective and there's been several requests for more boats and people! What an unexpected speciality, picture Wallace and Grommit but more heartwarming! Can you get more heartwarming actually? Anyway, best of luck everyone with your healing and clearing and star child responsibilities-its a dirty job but someone has to do it x

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