Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday 10.10.10

Bit of a landmark date, lots of couples getting married in China and the day was celebrated around the world as Earth Day and Angel Day. I turned 40 and after initial resistance - why change the habit of a lifetime - I totally enjoyed the parties.

I had a lovely dinner at the Indian Restaurant on Patrick Street. Then we went on to the Set in the hope of dancing. The music was pretty funky, not really my thing but it was the volume that was noticeable. I’ve been to my fair share of gigs in my time! including ACDC and the only concert where it was as loud as the Set was when I went to see New Kids on The Block when they were in their hey day (that lasted for about the release of two songs back in ’91 and the noise was only so insane because the average age of the audience was 13 and they screamed throughout and waved banners of their favourite New Kid ... I don’t need to justify my own presence at the gig do I? Maybe I will anyway! I was there for work, we were recording it in the Manor Mobile. So yes, the Set. Instead of screaming kids it was trumpets and big range soul singers and it was quite simply unbearable. We persevered for about ten songs and danced and everyone kept smiling at me but I could read in their eyes that we could set off home anytime!

Everyone was smiling I think because it was ‘all about me’ for the weekend. It was a very new experience. Although everyone smiles at me anyway, I felt a bit under pressure that time to have fun - its a dirty job but someone has to do it! I have also turned another corner on the being seen front. I agreed to do modeling for a life drawing group. I could hardly believe my inner wisdom led me in this direction but I can safely say its done me a lot of good. No more ‘don’t mind me’ energy and a lot more ‘radiant goddess’ energy.

On the actual day of my birthday, off we went to Angel Day on Tramore Beach, Waterford and sang our hearts out for about two hours with three hundred other people. I gather that’s up on U tube now with a comment made in the first few minutes of ‘f....... hippies’ ! Fantastic. I do like the hippy values: Live and let live. Make love not war. Love is the answer - All good in my book. The Song for the Ocean that we sang was lovely and extremely catchy after our thirty fifth run through! Then I swam in the surf for half an hour. There were oceans of surfers out and I wished I’d had my board but felt good that I was the only one hardy enough to be in, not wearing a wet suit! Mags and Susi had gone on a reconnaissance mission to find somewhere to dine but luckily there was a big queue and they’d returned in time for Susi to spot the tide wash over my clothes and coat and towel! It was a perfect day with chips on the way home and a magnum of champagne that night at Windy’s with more friends. Thank you for all the birthday greetings, they really made me feel loved and like I have almost as many friends as Ivan...maybe next year!

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