Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harmony Hall's Sacred Geometry

I will endeavour to explain the energetic symmetry between Harmony Hall's geometry and the heart! By it mere existence - the house that is - it has an impact that stretches from personal to global healing. All architects learn about the golden mean but give it lower priority in their designs. A big mistake I think!

So, we live in an energetic world. Everything we see and experience is energy compressed in to various forms, some tangible some not.

Emotion is a cascade between short and long wave frequencies. This can be understood as immediate feelings given momentum by memories from your past. Imagine if you could consciously move every feeling along that resolutionary spiral, depicted above, to the still point in the centre. That is what happens here and it is also what I teach.

The geometry and the heart space that I hold, offer a reconnection to the stillness that underlies all the apparent chaos and fear and a perfectly enjoyable way through all the denial, avoidance, pain and panic along the way!

Sacred geometry is also concerned with successful manifesting.
1. It assists in bringing thought in to form. The spiral is the only geometry that facilitates and will allow energy and information to fall in to its centre. As energy gets compressed, it goes the speed of light and therefore comes to inhabit time.... becomes manifest! At Harmony Hall we have the gold spiral at the centre, making it a very creative space to set out your goals. They then can't help but take shape in 3D.

It is also concerned with health
2. In a human being there is a build up of electrical charge and power. Feelings and experiences eventually take shape in the body as dis ease. We are stuck with a compelling illusion that we are separate from everyone else and we spend our time trying to fend off the pressure from this outside world. We fear judgement, pain, violence, destitution and all that kind of thing! And guess what, we keep attracting it because the fear is familiar. Furthermore, we think we are solid, limited and, what is worse, we think we are deteriorating! Most people have altogether forgotten that energy is flowing from and to us all the time. Potentially changing our very composition (like a microwave changes the nutritional composition of food but better!!). We are not solid but fluid, energetic beings made up mostly of light and space and water. The spiral can’t help but create a spin path for all these conflicting and demoralizing bits of energetic information we've identified with. Instantly, with the release of this stagnant information, stress in our systems also falls away. Look in to vortex technology if you want to know more. Or come here to experience it...or build your own sacred geometric space to turn things around in!

It is also concerned with effortless change
Most people don't know that we have only adopted an idea of who we are and then become it. We can now change very simply by changing our ideas and bringing them into form - becoming something else instead! Limit yourself if you want to conventional healing methods but realize that you're swallowing inevitability and fear as a way of life. I can confirm that change is possible on every level. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and environmental. Don't assume all is lost in regard to love, time, money or health...however long you've been ill or despairing.

Sessions here consciously raise more and more old beliefs, damage and resistance that were stored. Resistance is futile! All you have to practice is seeing all of life as an opportunity rather than a challenge, learning to let go and become powerful in your self awareness and honesty. Do not horde all those bleak moments as what makes you you! You'd be amazed how we do.

In geometric terms, a human being is a linear projected force but the spiral geometry here creates a non linear spin path where there is no resistance. The nervous system of the human visitor to Harmony Hall is literally swept in towards the central stillness. Infinite compression is possible of apparent conflicts like right and wrong, sick or well and positive and negative.

The heart of the spiral in human terms is a still point of focused awareness and compassion. So, by my doing healing here, I maximize the velocity of the spin path and multiply its results. So, in personal terms, a wish or a thought is the centring force in the body and surroundings. If your thoughts are not based on love they produce a toxic centre or no centre at all. How many of your thoughts about your self, body, life and other people are based on love? The work is to centre ourselves in a forgiving understanding of ourselves and others. That is the still point that this geometry and this healing work re-establishes in you. A clear heart makes us available to be of service to the universe. Therefore, on a micro level, the heart allows infinite cycles to nest together and maintain health in a person. The infinity cycles are also spreading the healing exponentially.

More on this when it comes clear to me!
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