Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reprogramming oneself from seeing only chaos to seeing only stillness

These pictures are of Windy getting a massage and his most recent saddle fitting from Lesley Dempsey from Carlow. I sometimes like to say that he is hard to handle but this captures his complete ease with any given scenario. Loves it! The goats are his beloved field mates for the moment.

Three people have asked me this week what is actually happening when you clear?
I thought I talked about this the whole time but maybe not, so in one sentence:
We are re-routing the neural pathways that always pursued the same courses to emotionally charged areas, ideas and experiences. This frees up receptor sites on cells throughout the body to receive new information. This makes change possible as we are letting go of both our fear of and attachment to reality. The receptor sites had been tuned to the miserable occurrences we've routinely witnessed and we'd come to assume this was the only reality out there. After clearing, endless possibilities arise. The whole spectrum from health and peace to forgiveness become available as new ways of being. Our shadow territory storing pain, grief and anger can be explored without fear and in acceptance. This reveals many other senses and abilities hidden amongst them to work with. The reduction in resistance and stress allows the central nervous system and other systems to function at a new optimum and the body returns to health. All you have to do is just listen to yourself and practice trusting that there is less going on than you think!

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