Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Integrating information into resonance at Bling Hall

We have heard of some very admirable people recently and some very undesirable types too. All unloved parts of the self no doubt. The admirable was a family friend who goes to war torn countries to support people living under threat. The reasoning is that people are less likely to gun down a whole household if there's an international observer there. As someone pointed out, one would want to be clear about how to say who you are in that particular language or you might not be much of a deterrent. Susi and I hit on the idea of designing an internationally recognized blue peace keeping outfit to save time (and lives), so that's what I've been working on. Maybe one day we will literally become an internationally recognized peace keeping outfit.

On the other side of the coin, there has been a burglary. Dodgy pieces of work but forgivable I suppose if one sees everyone as just wanting security but finding themselves a little out of balance...well, I'll have to develop my understanding in this area!

Harmony Hall, now known as Bling Hall, has been painted and everyone is very welcome to reconvene with the Conscious Community there on Friday night at half seven. We're going to get together every two weeks from now on, instead of once a month - one a friday night, the next a saturday lunch time so hopefully there'll be a drumming to suit everyone who's interested.
The only people who have tried out Harmony Hall as a full retreat so far are my parents and they loved it. Hopefully it'll get more popular or maybe it'll just stay quiet which is also good.

The clearing is going amazingly and feeling like a real therapy for the soul, personal and global. I hope it is the same for everyone. New leases of life for all creatures great and small and other awakenings.

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