Saturday, December 26, 2009

Religion as understood through the story of Black Beauty!

I'm sitting by the river in the last light of the day. Its St Stephen's Day. Everyone has been ringing or turning up reflecting on the year and telling me how much they've been able to let go. Its like the whole conscious community has softened. Our focus has shifted from self healing, relationships, political and money worries and we've all felt at last that a change has really taken place. We've also glimpsed and been delighted with our core stillness. Well handled everyone.

I heard that hindus believe we start behind a veil of delusion, the buddhists believe we start from a place of suffering and christians believe we start inevitably in original sin. (This original sin though is a mis-translation from the original Greek language which actually meant 'missing the mark' ie. generally missing the point of our existence). All these starting points seem to resonate a little. There seems to be some truth in the idea that we can breathe in suffering and transmute it by breathing out compassion - like Black Beauty does, in ...Black Beauty!

I wish everyone a great, peaceful and transformational New Year.

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