Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sacred Geometry of Harmony Hall

This is the beautiful golden spiral at the centre of Harmony Hall. Symbolically, a spiral represents the resolution of conflict. Every shape in the house, and its layout, mirrors nature. This is what is meant by the terms sacred geometry and bio-architecture. The spiral is the most common form found in the natural world; from DNA to seashells to whole galaxies. A spiral is therefore the fundamental form to hold the frequency of structural integrity. In healing terms, this means that coming to the house literally returns people to their own structural integrity, through a relationship of sympathetic resonance. The ventricles of a human heart also operate in a simple spiral movement. We can see how the heart to heart clearing work amplifies this resonance and magnifies the power of the call back to health and structural integrity - because it is at once in spiral form but also conscious, active, intentional and compassionate. The body can't resist, the heart can't resist. Stress starts to resolve, structural change occurs and it marks a true return to form. 'Human' form hopefully but of course anything can happen!

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