Thursday, December 31, 2009

New and old ways of saying the same thing

'If you want to learn, nothing could be easier because every single thing you can perceive is waiting to help; is longing to wake you up.' Up until now we couldn't really look at what is going on, we didn't really have the stomach for it. Each of us finds a focus to fuel our avoidance. For example, I haven't got time or I have unsupportive friends and family, I am not well enough, I need to make more money before I think about anything else. There is in fact profound information and support coming from all sides in all shapes and forms. We just have to get out of our tunnel vision. What our clearing work together does is disperse the emotional and electrical charge around our most dominant and recurring feelings. It opens up the spectrum of experience to include health where there was sickness, love where there was fear and leadership where there were only victims of circumstance.

'Palms-so narrow and closed in-have been poured over people's limbs. But countless worthless things keep crashing in, blunting their cares. During their lifetimes they see such a little part of life and then they are off: short-lived, flying up and away like smoke, totally persuaded by what each of them happened to bump into while being driven one way, another way, all over the place. And they claim in vain that they have found the whole. Like this, there is no way people can see or hear or consciously grasp the things I have to teach. But as for you: because you have come aside here, you will learn. Mortal resourcefulness can mange no more.' Empedocles

We need to be ready to make the necessary effort to become conscious agents in our lives and I hope to provide many occasions throughout the year to work on it.

My recommended book from 2009 is Reality by Peter Kingsley.

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