Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Energy Clearing Process

This work isn’t an optional extra, one of various health options, an academic exercise or some spiritual work that we can do at the weekend. I really want people to understand that this is the most important bit of information that they can ever hear - we create reality. We can either continue doing it unconsciously, haplessly, hopelessly and reactively or we can learn how to do it consciously. It is the only truly important realization and work there is to do. Literally, all other tasks from nursing to teaching to governing to art are all just power struggles or placebos if they are not done with awareness - the awareness that each scenario and person we meet we have created ourselves. An opportunity to meet ourselves, know ourselves, come to terms with our fears and find a way to reconnect with our power and ability to respond. We do this by clearing the fields where all our conditioning resides and then ...

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